Rough Riderz was originally formed back in 2006, in order to give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the four wheeled downhill mountain biking experience. However, we now focus solely on promoting the “gravity biking” scene, across the UK and beyond!

We ride specially designed 4 wheeled rigs, using gravity alone to propel ourselves down a variety of different downhill MTB trails. By raising awareness, we hope to increase interest in the sport and create a more vibrant and inclusive bike scene.


Our club has always tried to engage in conversation with a variety of official groups, companies, charities and organisations, etc. to help create, support and develop a more accessible scene. This continuing dialogue helps us to push the boundaries of our sport.

We also try to share as much information as possible through social media, about what we get up to (and where) on our bikes! You don’t have to “sign up” to become a Rough Riderz member anymore either… if you like downhill MTB-ing (on 2 or 4 wheels) and support our aims and ideas, then you’re one of us!