Eric Lindsley worked for Santa Cruz, as a test engineer, after graduating from University in 2003. In January 2004, Eric was riding home from work with his girlfriend. They were riding across a railway trestle near the ‘Santa Cruz Boardwalk’ when his girlfriend called for him to stop because her chain had fallen off. So, Eric stopped and turned. He lost his footing and fell 20ft onto a concrete support below.

With severe bruises around his vertebrae, several broken ribs and a fractured skull, he woke up from a coma 9 days later to find he was paralyzed. However, this did not deter him from trying to get a new four-wheel downhill rig for himself, when he had recovered. Parapros Racing came to his aid and built him a bike. This new machine makes the average bike look like a piece of crap!


“This bike has 12 inches of travel with Fox Racing Shox. A set of four 26 inch Mag 30s laced up to Sun Ringle hubs and wrapped in 2.5 inch Kenda Nevegals keeps her railing around corners. Pilot inputs are made via ODI grips, Easton Monkey Lite bars, Race Face stem, Chris King headset, and a custom tie-rod linkage. In the binder department, she sports a set of 4 four-piston Hope calipers hooked up to 2 Hope master cylinders. This gives me 1 lever for the front and 1 for the rear.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Parapros Racing. The principles, Brad and Sal, worked for over a week straight to get me something to roll in time for my first competition. Since then, they took it back to make some final tweaks for me. So I now regularly enter DH events on my finished ride. I imagine you’ll be able to catch me on it, every now and then, up at Whistler too. So watch out Stacy… you have some competition on your hands now.”

“I just love to strap myself into my custom made Parapros seat, get towed to the top of a hill behind an ATV, and then let ‘er RIP! I am stoked to find someone else actively promoting the sport. I have raced in the US, Canada and Japan, but I would love to race in the UK too. I am now working with the Active Force Foundation, developing a new four wheel bike. This will be one of the most advanced DH machines the world has ever seen… so watch this space!”

Extract from an interview by Dave Tolnai (

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