Q What make and model of bikes do you ride?
A Our bikes are the “Fourcross” model built by R-One (formerly Outlet Industries).

Q How much did your bikes cost?
A They cost approx. £8k (GBP), not including shipping, back in 2006.

Q Do you make and/or sell these bikes?
A No. All our bikes were bought from, built in, and shipped from R-One in Canada.

Q Do you know where I can buy one of these bikes now?
A No. Production of this bike ceased in around 2011.

Q How are these bikes powered?
A They are propelled downhill purely by gravity alone… so stay off the brakes!

Q Do you still offer “Taster Days” to people who want to try it?
A No. Unfortunately we were forced to stop. It simply wasn’t financially viable to continue the scheme.

Q Do you hire any of your bikes out to people for any reason (eg. charity challenges)?
A No. These bikes are not suitable for anything other than downhill mountain biking.

Q Where are the best places to ride one of these bikes?
A The question is too subjective. It depends on equipment, ability, conditions, personal preference, etc.

Q What happened to your collaboration with the Project Enduro team?
A We withdrew our support years ago, so you’ll have to ask them… but beware of false promises!

Q What happened to the new model being assembled by the Gravity Mountain Bike company?
A The venture fell apart after many maniacal episodes from Mike McDermid, of BML in Penistone.

Q Is BML planning to make their own version of the bike now?
A We have no contact with Mike now, so you’ll have to ask him… but beware of more false promises!

Q Can you recommend any alternative models of this type of bike?
A No. We cannot recommend any products to people, unless we have already tested them ourselves.

Q Can you recommend any good hand bikes and/or electric bikes that are worth considering instead?
A No. If you want to find out about other gear available to you, then we suggest you research it.

Q Do you have any other tips for obtaining further information on any of the above topics?
A Yes. Have you thought about trying Google? (N.B. Other search engines are available)