The following quotes are all taken from people who have attended one of the many Taster Day sessions organised by the Rough Riderz club.

All of these statements, written in the members’ own words, explain a little of what they thought and how they felt about their first gravity biking experience.

This is just a small sample of the different people that have attended our training programme, since it’s inception back in 2009.

We have selected just a few quotes, at random, to give an overall impression of what people thought of the courses, facilities and training provided. Some are from people who tried riding our bikes, whilst others are from people who helped host some events.

This will hopefully give our prospective participants the chance to find out what kind of things to expect from attending one of our tuition sessions, and in turn, help them decide if it is the sort of activity they would like to try.

It also gives everybody a better insight into what some of our club members genuinely think about the bikes, the sport and the club…

Chris Nicholson (Tetra C5)

“Thank you so much for an awesome Taster Day, it was an amazing experience! I have not had a laugh like that in a long while and loved every minute of it. The gravity bikes are really cool machines and great fun to ride… I can’t wait to see the new machine now!”

Mike Payne (Para T12)

Wye Adventure Camp 2016 with Access Adventures
“This was my favourite activity of the weekend. I had hoped that I would enjoy it, but it exceeded all expectations. I will definitely be having another go when the new trail is completed. I can’t think of any suggestions to improve it. Also, the help and support of the whole team was excellent.”

John Delaney (AB)

Wye Adventure Camp 2016 with Access Adventures
“The team from Rough Riderz put everyone at ease before guiding them down the trail. They made sure everyone knew the techniques required to ride the bike and the correct line to follow. The whole group was catered for, whatever the varying individual ability or confidence level. With specially built trails for the gravity bikes and all the equipment provided, it gave everyone involved the confidence to try something new and have a great time doing it.”

Pete Donnelly (Para T6)

Wye Adventure Camp 2016 with Access Adventures
“Downhill gravity biking (fourcross) is a sport that takes you as close to the able-bodied equivalent as you can get. It’s every adrenaline junkies ideal sport. Phil was great at leading the day and the support we had getting back up to the top of the track was like a well-oiled machine.”

Kierson Wise (AB)

Wye Adventure Camp 2016 with Access Adventures
“The ‘gravity biking’ was really exceptional – the bikes themselves are incredible looking machines and they flew down the specially designed track like a cross between ski racing and go-karting. I don’t think anyone who saw them didn’t want to have a go!! Even those who had no previous experience were, by the end of the day, taking the banked corners and rolling berms like professionals. The uplift shuttle system was very efficient with a smooth transfer into the van and back to the top, meaning that the group managed about 12 rides, even allowing for a nice lunch by the cycle centre café. Thank you to Access Adventures and Rough Riderz for an unforgettable day.”

Sau Tran (Para T3)

Wye Adventure Camp 2016 with Access Adventures
“I was a bit apprehensive about downhill biking as I had my injury whilst cycling downhill, but the gravity bikes are so stable that I felt really secure in them. Plus, you have a helmet and body armour. Our instructor was great and took us at a pace which was comfortable. I can’t believe how much speed it picks up. The route was less than a minute, then we were helped back into vans to take us back up and go again. It was very exhilarating and I would definitely be up for trying this again.”

Rachel Bustin (AB)

Wye Adventure Camp 2016 with Access Adventures
“A few people were nervous at first but Phil was awesome and helped everyone build their confidence up so they all enjoyed the experience.”

Mark Walker (LLAK Amputee)

Wye Adventure Camp 2016 with Access Adventures
“This was the thing I was looking forward to the most, however, after my first run I was not happy as I felt I was going too slow for the other riders… so Phil, the group leader, allowed me to try going down with a separate crew member, to increase my confidence before rejoining the main group. This was my decision and was not forced upon me. After a few runs on my own and feeling much happier, I rejoined the group. This really helped and made me love the bikes even more – I was much quicker, so had nothing to worry about like slowing other people down. The bikes were amazing and Phil and all the helpers were great. There’s nothing like the feeling of going downhill on a bike and I’ve not had that feeling in over 10 years! The whole day was amazing and I was buzzing afterwards… I loved every moment and I can’t wait to do this again.”

Stewart Murray (Para T2/3)

“I had my first day of gravity biking action. It was the best thing I have done since my injury. Phil was a great coach, helping me feel at ease and comfortable about some technical issues on the course. It was a buzz and I would recommend it to anyone who loves bikes, likes getting dirty or just love a bit of outdoor extreme sports. This feels like a whole new life has begun for me again. Just like to say a massive thanks to the whole team… cheers guys! Hope to do the same again very soon.”

Lee Noon (Para T4)

“Thanks to RoughRiderzUK for an amazing day of gravity biking on Sunday. I had so much fun! I would definitely recommend trying it, even if you are not a wheelchair user you can still attend a taster day… and I shall be booking myself in for another go soon!”

Chris Morton (Para T12)

“Cheers to the Rough Riderz club for all the instruction and help during my gravity biking session in the Forest of Dean at the weekend. It was super fun and amazing to be back on a bike in the forest again. It’s been too long…. nice one guys!”

Jos Dent (Multiple Sclerosis)

“An amazing experience! Yes, I’m in a wheelchair, but you entirely forget about your disability when you’re in one of these gravity bikes. My confidence and skills built up with each downhill run and it was great to see the increase in speed and ability over the day. A serious adrenaline boost, I’m sure I’ll be back for more.”

Chris Musselwhite (Para T6)

“Thanks for my great Taster Day in the Forest of Dean. The day started with a brief technical and safety guide, which continued before the ride, at the top of the hill. Pretty quickly I realised this was it, we were in the bikes, looking down at what appeared to be a near vertical drop off to get us started. Thrown in at the deep end!
I was thinking the brakes seemed good on the flat, but the safety belt isn’t going to help me, now which one is the front brake and which is the back. So much to think about, or… trust Phil, follow his lead and go for it. So I went for it! Admittedly rather slowly at first, but getting quicker through the day. By the end of the day, I was (in my eyes) flying, and thoroughly enjoying it. So, would I go back? Too right I would, as it was great fun and very addictive! Thanks again to the club who made it all possible.”

Jane Egan (Neurological Condition)

“I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic day. I loved every minute – it was a total blast and a great rush. Its cool to do stuff that doesn’t feel like a ‘second best’ alternative to some other mainstream sport because its great fun and technically challenging in its own right. When you see the bikes they don’t scream ‘disability’ at you!!! I’d love to come and do it again sometime…”

Jamie McAnsh (Neurological Condition)

“My gravity biking day was amazing! It was one of the best days I have had since being in a wheelchair… and for anyone who is remotely interested in an action packed day of downhill, I cannot recommend it enough. The organisation of the session was brilliant from the word go. We took to the course, with some great instruction for the first few rides, then just upped the speed a little each time as my confidence grew.
The purpose built track, called the Launchpad, was perfect. From a disabled point of view, it was a great experience, making another new sport possible in a world full of restrictions. For me it was also a day of great company, fantastic scenery and an adventure you just can’t get anywhere else. I want to thank all the guys for all their help in making this a day to remember. All in all, if I was going to rate this event out of 5, it would get a massive 10! You’ve got to try this people, you will not regret it!!!”

Sean Rose (Para T8)

“The excitement of being back on a bike and razzing through the forest was amazing, shrieking and whooping all the way down. Phil was the ultimate professional, guiding me down the mountain, talking me through it bit by bit and the support crew with Ed’s uplift service made it all too easy! The bikes are amazing, I’ll be back and this has to be on everyone’s bucket list to try!”

Alan Scrivener (Para T5)

“I had an amazing day with Phil and Brian. A massive thanks to the guys, it’s so well organized and should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to do! It’s such a rush going over rough terrain at speeds which would normally have you face planting… I’m seriously going to do it again. Cheers fella’s, you work very hard for us wheelies.”

Jane Sowerby (Para T9)

“I’ve been wanting to get involved with Rough Riderz for a long time, so when the opportunity came up I jumped at the chance. What a fantastic day, exactly the adrenaline rush I was looking for! Phil and the boys have the logistics nailed, so the whole process was really smooth. The Launchpad trail is perfect to build up your confidence, and you can’t beat watching an expert in action to know what you’re aiming for. Thank you all so much, I loved the experience and can’t wait to try it again!”

Tim Farr (Para L1)

“I had been keen to try the gravity bikes with Rough Riderz for a while. Having just retired from the British Disabled Ski Team I was looking for that adrenaline rush to fill my skiing void! I got exactly what I asked for… an amazing day out and a real rush. I can’t wait to go again. Phil and the boys put on a fantastic day, really well run with everything made easy.”

Sean Love (Para T12)

“I considered myself a bit of an adrenaline junkie before my motorbike accident so I was well over due some serious fun and excitement after a year of rehab. So when I did a taster day with Rough Riderz that’s certainly what I got, a fantastic experience that had me grinning all day. The bikes were incredible, the way they soaked up the terrain blew me away. Don’t hesitate to try this out, you’ll never forget it.”

Dan Edwards (Para T8/9)

“I first heard about Rough Riderz when searching the internet. I arranged to go on a Taster Day with my mate James. I was with them all day and loved every minute of it! I must admit the thrill it gives you, hurtling down the side of a mountain, on a four wheel bike was amazing and something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was buzzing the whole day and even on the long drive home! If anyone were to ask me if I’d do it again, it would be a definite YES!! And if anyone is interested in an adrenaline filled, off-road mountain bike experience I would urge them to book a Taster Day. Give this sport a go… you won’t regret it!”

James Hallam (Para T4)

“I really enjoyed the day out – that gravity MTB machine is incredible! The weather was typical of the Lake district and made little difference… if anything, the rain made it more exciting as the rear end slides on the top end of the run were magical… drifting sideways is great fun! My Coach provided clear guidance and worked at a pace that suited me – increasing as I started to get the hang of the machine and the terrain. The different terrain available was amazing – fire roads, slippery slate, mud holes, jumps and tree lined routes made for a fantastic range of surfaces – each with their own challenges and exhilaration. Thanks to the Rough Riderz for a wonderful day out. I would advise everyone to do this…. beware, the speed and adrenaline are addictive! I look forward to trying out the next level!”

Owen Burke (Para T10)

“The bike is amazing – anyone who has ever ridden downhill will love this bike, able-bodied or not. The organisers were fantastic, very helpful and great to talk to. The day is conducted at entirely at your own pace – as slow or (almost… he he) as fast as you want! I’m looking forward to attending the next level now! Thanks again…”

David Wise (Para T4/5)

“I had a fantastic time with Rough Riderz on my Taster Day. After a quick run down the forest road I was keen to get on the trail to see what the bike was capable of. I was far from disappointed! It was an absolutely brilliant day, made even better by the sunny weather. The guys were really well organised, it was great fun, so all in all everything went to plan. Cheers lads!”

Ben Owen-Jones (Para T9)

“I’ve been interested in gravity biking and a keen follower of the Rough Riderz for some time, so when I heard about the Taster Days, of course I was very quick to get my name on the list. The session had been well organised and clearly planned to accommodate me as a newbie. Although the coach seemed able to ride it with his eyes closed, I found the first trail we tried quite challenging. I really enjoyed finding out how responsive and well built the bike is. In fact, I could have stayed on the first trail all day but my coach was keen to stretch my capabilities. After lunch we had a few runs down a more rigorous purpose-built track. I’m glad we did coz that second track was the dogs kahunas and the bike really showed me what it was capable of. I must thank Rough Riderz big time, and eagerly await more sessions…”

Rob Bailey (AB)

“I had a fantastic day. A well organised session was made even better with brilliant summer weather. After an introduction to the bike on forest roads, we then went onto the trail. Although the trail was more testing and quite tricky, the instructor was with me all the way. My riding really improved as the day progressed and I can’t wait to come back and try it again! Cheers ladz.”

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