Project News Update

Rough Riderz regret to announce that we have had to make the difficult decision to sever all links with Project Enduro.

As a concept originally initiated by the club, via our 'Project Gravity X' campaign, this bike building enterprise appears to have completely lost sight of the main objectives:

  1. To build an affordable, and therefore more accessible, gravity bike in the UK.
  2. To provide an easy to maintain bike using standard MTB parts, reducing the need for custom-built components.
  3. To create a better gravity bike design for improved ride-ability and overall performance.

Unfortunately, the club has been excluded from key design decisions, important product testing and overall progress reporting for the majority of the project's final year, with key feedback/suggestions going unheeded. As a result of this marginalisation, the club does not feel that the project meets any of the above criteria and so has now officially resigned as a project partner. We felt that if we were to continue our affiliation, our apparent approval would lend false credibility to their designs. We are therefore unable to promote and/or recommend their final product(s) to any potential customers.

However, please stay tuned to the site and our social media for exciting club news later this year...